Why You Should Choose Intex Pools

The Intex Pools History

Intex Recreation Corp. has been helping families to make fun memories for over 40 years. Intex Pools are a part of that goal. They design and produce innovative products of the highest quality for indoor and outdoor recreation worldwide. Intex  manufactures above ground pools, pool accessories, pool toys, and airbed which are known for their incredible value.

The products made by Intex, and their families of companies, meet the strictest of safety guidelines. But their commitment to safety and quality does not end once the product is made. They do in depth product testing at various testing plants.

This is their final proof that makes sure that the Intex products that you buy will last for many years safely . Intex Pool customers are satisfied all over the world.

Why Are These Pools So Great

These aboveground pools are made with exceptional quality. They also offer unparalleled convenience to the customer. These pools are available in many different sizes and shapes to bring summer fun to backyards which are also different sizes and shapes.

Whether you want a modest size pool or a larger rectangular pool, there are numerous pools to choose from. These are available at most department stores or there are several web sites online which you can order yours from. There are also many Intex accessories to choose from as well. Available pools include the Easy Set inflatable pools, and the more traditional above ground pools which have metal walls. With the Easy Set pool, all you do is inflate the top ring and fill it with water. This pool comes with a 3-ply vinyl liner which resists punctures and has an extended life.

Their Metal Frame pools feature triple layer walls which feature maximum life and stability. The Metal Frame pools are also very easy to drain when the cooler weather sets in. Just connect the drain to your garden hose and the water drains out with no trouble at all.

There are the Ultra Frame Pools, which features a rather unique designed frame which makes the pool have a stronger frame than traditional metal frames and more durable. However, the Ultra Frame Pool is still very easy to assemble and do not require separate locking pins.

Available accessories include filter pumps, salt systems which makes chlorine unnecessary, replacement filter cartridges, pool covers which keep the leaves and trash out of your pool, and much more. These aboveground pools are top notch and provide family fun for many years.

Always make sure that your swimming pool is protected for child safety. There are many child pool deaths because the pool was not covered or had no safety fence. Don’t let your pool become a tragedy. Let your Intex pool be a thing of beautiful memories.


Information On Intex Swimming Pools

How Good Are Intex Swimming Pools

When you think of aboveground swimming pools, does a certain brand come to mind? Intex swimming pools are known worldwide as pools of exceptional quality and durability. Intex has brought families many years of fun and precious memories for over forty years.

Their high quality products are innovative as they are the world leader in both design and production of indoor and outdoor water activities. Their line of above ground pools, accessories, toys for the pool, boats, and airbeds have global recognition.

This family of companies are very deeply committed to the design and production of goods which meet the very strictest safety standards. They are very dedicated to quality and safety. This concern does end with the finished product either. They have a number of testing facilities which ensure that a finished product is safe for public and family use through very intensive testing. Intex swimming pools insist on this final check to make sure that their products will last for many years. They don’t believe in cutting corners for quicker production.

How Are These Pools Made

Backyards are not all the same size and shape so neither are these pools. They have a wider variety of sizes and shapes than most aboveground pools. For the smaller backyards, there is the modest size round pool, but if you have a larger backyard, there are larger rectangular pools available. They have numerous pool accessories as well to enhance your aquatic fun.

These pools come in different construction styles as well for your convenience. One good example would be the Easy Set Pool. This lovely pool only takes as long to set up as it does to inflate the top ring and fill it with water. It has a 3-ply vinyl liner which makes it very durable as it is more puncture resistant than most vinyl liners. For those who desire a larger, but equally durable, pool there is the Metal Frame Pool. This is constructed with triple layer metal walls which provide the maximum in pool strength and stability. This particular pool is very easy work when it comes time to drain the pool and put it away for the winter months. Just connect the drain to the garden hose and it’s done.

However, if you plan on leaving your pool standing year round, then you might consider the Ultra Frame Pool. These have a unique frame design which uses much stronger metal walls than a traditional aboveground swimming pool. They are still very simple to assemble and there is no need for separate frame locking pins. For these pools, a pool cover is advised to keep out trash such as leaves.

Intex Swimming Pools is not limited to just pools, though. They also produce a full line of pool accessories so that your pool lasts many years. Accessories include pool filter pumps which keep your water clean and sparkling, Intex salt systems which purify your pool water without harsh chlorine chemicals, replacement filters for the filter pumps, and much more.