Positive And Negative Points of Fiberglass Pools

Points in Favor of Fiberglass Pools

If you have considered having a swimming pool installed in your back yard, then you have looked at the different options out there. Above ground or inground, the choices are many. But one of the best choices out there is the fiberglass pool.  Over the years, fiberglass pools have garnered a reputation as an easily installed and much faster alternative to the more traditional gunite or concrete pool construction. These are even considered a more practical option in higher class installations. But what exactly do these pools have to offer to the owner.

This type of pool is one of the faster growing choices in the swimming pool industry. The first point in this pool’s favor is the ease of installation. A  gunite or concrete swimming pool can take up to triple the time to install. However, one month is the usual amount of construction time for the fiberglass choice.

These pools have a finishing coat of smooth gel. This gel is a natural algae repellent which concrete or gunite does not have. This makes it much faster to clean this type of pool and it also means less need for repairs.

This type of pool also has much more selections of shapes. This has played a huge role in the popularity of these pools over the other two options. This also allows the pool to show more of a reflection of the buyer’s individual personality.

Everyone wants a pool which is tasteful and has a touch of class to it. The quick installation time of these pools have given them a reputation of being cheap and shoddy in appearance, while in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. With the availability of numerous custom designs,  as well as tile, stone, and brick copings, each pool has it’s own unique look.

The Cons of This Type of Pool

Actually, there is only one major setback with this type of pool. Sometimes a crack will appear or a leak will start for some other reason. If this happens, do not lower the water level or completely drain the pool in order to repair it yourself.  There is a very high chance that the pool will rise out of the ground if all of the water is drained or if the water level is lowered too much. This is one of those cases when you actually must call a fiberglass pool repair person to come and fix the damage.  Only a trained professional should ever try to make repairs. This is also true in the case of area flooding. Once the flood waters have receded, there is still too much moisture in the ground to attempt draining the pool and fiberglass does float. Once this happens, repairs are more expensive than having an entire new pool installed.


How Are Fiberglass Pools Installed

What Makes Up A Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools have been around for a while now. In fact, they have been around for fifty years now. These are made in one piece shells  made from fiberglass, resins and are finished with a coating made of gel. This makes it a non-porous surface which is similar to the hulls of boats.

These pools can be bought in all shapes and sizes with various decorative tiles, fiber optic lights, and in-floor cleaning are all possible accessories. These are mainly maintenance free pools except for cleaning and you will need protection for the gel coat.

Actual Installation of These Pools

The first step of installing one of these pools is, of course, to figure out where you want the pool to be and then mark it with wooden stakes. When planning where to put your pool be sure to consider sun exposure, an area for you or your guests to sit, bathroom access, and accessibility of the pool. Traditionally guests will choose to gather on the shallow pool end and side closer to the house. Then pour your deck where you want it to be. Once you have the pool area established, mark it with chalk and begin digging the hole.

The next step is digging a hole according to the pool’s dig instructions. This step can take three to six hours and how difficult it is depends on how complex the pool’s shape is. A Sports Pool with a flat, level bottom is the easiest to dig.  The important thing to remember when digging the hole for your pool is to check and measure constantly using a builder’s level as you go. Or you can rent a laser level which is much more accurate. Once you have the hole finished you will need to use string to set the exact grade that the pool will be. This string will be your guide when you line the bottom of the hole with sand or gravel.

When the truck delivers your pool it will be ready to install. Either a boom truck or, if the pool is small enough, a trackhoe will lift the pool from the truck. The pool has to be level to less than an inch. This may get a bit boring if this is your first time installing a pool. One end cannot be higher than the other so this job is very important. Once this is done, backfill the dirt around the edges of the hole.

Drill two to four 2in. holes for the outflow and inflow of the filter. Plumbing is done by gluing together PVC pipes. Connect the plumbing and power to the filter. Take your time doing this so that no accidents happen. This can take 3-5 hours.

Now you can start filling your pool with water. A water truck is the fastest and easiest way to do this. The water has to be 12” higher than the backfill.  This will help the pool to keep it’s shape. This sounds like a lot to do but it can be done in about three days and you will be swimming in your fiberglass pool and having fun.

Why You Should Choose Intex Pools

The Intex Pools History

Intex Recreation Corp. has been helping families to make fun memories for over 40 years. Intex Pools are a part of that goal. They design and produce innovative products of the highest quality for indoor and outdoor recreation worldwide. Intex  manufactures above ground pools, pool accessories, pool toys, and airbed which are known for their incredible value.

The products made by Intex, and their families of companies, meet the strictest of safety guidelines. But their commitment to safety and quality does not end once the product is made. They do in depth product testing at various testing plants.

This is their final proof that makes sure that the Intex products that you buy will last for many years safely . Intex Pool customers are satisfied all over the world.

Why Are These Pools So Great

These aboveground pools are made with exceptional quality. They also offer unparalleled convenience to the customer. These pools are available in many different sizes and shapes to bring summer fun to backyards which are also different sizes and shapes.

Whether you want a modest size pool or a larger rectangular pool, there are numerous pools to choose from. These are available at most department stores or there are several web sites online which you can order yours from. There are also many Intex accessories to choose from as well. Available pools include the Easy Set inflatable pools, and the more traditional above ground pools which have metal walls. With the Easy Set pool, all you do is inflate the top ring and fill it with water. This pool comes with a 3-ply vinyl liner which resists punctures and has an extended life.

Their Metal Frame pools feature triple layer walls which feature maximum life and stability. The Metal Frame pools are also very easy to drain when the cooler weather sets in. Just connect the drain to your garden hose and the water drains out with no trouble at all.

There are the Ultra Frame Pools, which features a rather unique designed frame which makes the pool have a stronger frame than traditional metal frames and more durable. However, the Ultra Frame Pool is still very easy to assemble and do not require separate locking pins.

Available accessories include filter pumps, salt systems which makes chlorine unnecessary, replacement filter cartridges, pool covers which keep the leaves and trash out of your pool, and much more. These aboveground pools are top notch and provide family fun for many years.

Always make sure that your swimming pool is protected for child safety. There are many child pool deaths because the pool was not covered or had no safety fence. Don’t let your pool become a tragedy. Let your Intex pool be a thing of beautiful memories.


How Much Does A Fiberglass Pool Cost

Differences In The Cost Of A Fiberglass Pool

One of the main factors in the cost of a fiberglass pool is the size that is purchased. For instance, a pool which is 18X36 can cost $30K to $50K, depending on how many bells and whistles you add. Why so much money? This price includes installation, crane delivery, concrete decking, etc. And don’t forget the water truck with at least 3500 gallons of water.

This may seem like a lot of money but if you go ahead and do this, it will be worth the cost in the long run because not only are these pools low maintenance, but because of the smooth surface of the inside, it is much harder for algae to grow. Also, cracks that might show up in fiberglass are much easier to repair. Replacing a vinyl liner runs around $2,000 and repairs to a gunite pool can cost $500-$1000. This is reinvesting and can drain your money very quickly.

However, with a fiberglass pool, your repair costs will be lower because it comes with a 25+ year warranty which is transferable. Also, if you buy a heater for the pool so that you can swim in colder months, fiberglass keeps the water 10 degrees warmer than the other options do. A good recommendation is to use a salt chlorinator for silky soft water.

What Are Other Factors To Be Considered With This Type of Pool

Before you decide on what type of pool that you want, you should find out what type of soil you have in your yard. For one thing, you might need to build up the area first if it is too low. If you live in an area with the wrong type of soil, then fiberglass might not be the best choice for you.

Doing some of the labor yourself can cut down the cost of the pool. The digging can be done yourself with a backhoe and if you need to haul in some dirt to build up the area for the pool, then shop around and you can find some good deals on dirt delivery services. This can knock a couple of hundred dollars off the cost.  After the pool is installed you can do the back fill yourself too. And as far as landscaping around your pool, only you know what plants you want to decorate with.

Do some research online to see what accessories are necessary and which ones are not. Metal steps on the sides of the pools would be a necessity for some, but not for others. A heater might be an extravagance but a pool pump is vital to keeping your pool clean. Just get what you really need to keep the pool running filtered clean water and keep the water clean. Save the other pretties for later.

A safety fence is a good idea if there are small children in your family. More children drown each year from pool accidents than from any other cause. Don’t let your fiberglass pool costs include a hospital stay for a young loved one.


What Problems Do Inground Pool Liners Pose

What Are Inground Pool Liners Made Of

When you have an inground pool installed which has a vinyl liner, you don’t always see the problems that these liners can have.  There are many pitfalls that you need to know about in order to avoid these problems from happening since they can ruin your pool. But first, you need to know more about these liners are made and installed.

A pool which has a vinyl liner has a custom made solid sheet of vinyl which separates the water from the actual wall of the pool.  This is different from the gunite or fiberglass pool which uses plaster as the separation between the water and the walls of the pool. The top edge of the liner, called the bead, is usually locked into a track which is on the bottom of the coping. This coping sits at deck level. This liner sits on a sand or concrete bottom. The bottom is laid in specification to the cut of the liner. The pool floor comes up to meet the walls of the pool. These walls are made from 3ft by 8ft galvanized steel or thermoplastic.

These walls have support from behind so that the weight of the water will not bend them. All of these wall panels are safely secured to each other to form the shape of the pool, but because of this, the shapes that you can get the pool in are limited.

Possible Problems With These Liners

If the vinyl liner is even a little off center, the beads can come off of the track. This can also happen if the liner is too small or too large. Another problem that occurs is when customers use the large round chlorine tablets in the skimmer. If, for whatever reason, the pump shuts off and the skimmer sits still for too long with the undissolved tablets still inside, it can result in faded spots in the vinyl of the liner.

Keeping sharp objects out of the pool is vital because these can tear the liner. Rocks, small pebbles, or small metal objects should be removed as quickly as possible before they can cause damage. Vinyl patch kits are available and can even be used underwater to prevent leaks or tears.

Replacing the soil under the pool before it is built may be needed. Pool base or fresh soil that contains vermiculite will prevent mold, bacteria, or fungus from forming underneath the liner. Making sure that the vinyl liner is correctly installed will prevent wrinkles from forming due to weather conditions. Also make sure that the Ph level is correct. Too low of a Ph level will cause the liner to expand.

Yes, vinyl lined pools are cheaper to build, but they do require a little effort to maintain it  and keeping it in good shape.


Information on Portable Swimming Pools

What Is A Portable Swimming Pool

When you buy your first pool, you might want to try a portable swimming pool first.  These come in all sizes such as the inflatable wading pools for children all the way up to larger adult size pools with steel walls. No nuts, bolts, or tools are need for installation for the smaller pools. These can be set up on any surface. Usually you can find these pools in any department store. They are also very affordable.

You can either get the inflatable type of pool, or you can get the tent style pool which uses stakes to anchor the pool to the ground. Determine which size suits your needs. The circular pools range in size from 10ft to 18ft in diameter. Oval shapes are also available. What pool size that you decide to buy depends on how large the area is where the pool will be, the number of people who will be using the pool, and your own personal preferences.

The ground should be level and cleaned before setting up the pool. Be sure to remove any sharp objects which could puncture the bottom of the pool. As an extra barrier, you could use a ground cloth. Next, unroll the vinyl liner. What model of pool that you have chosen will decide how it goes together.  You will need an air pump or air compressor to inflate the pool. Some models will have snap together parts and are shaped like a hot tub or a large bath tub. Then you attach the filter which came with the pool. If  a pump came with the pool, you will need to plug this in to an electrical source.

Now comes the fun part, filling the pool. You can use an ordinary garden hose for this. Let it fill almost to the top, then enjoy your new pool. However, you will need to test the chemical balance of the water before swimming. A simple Ph test kit can be bought at your local department store or pool dealer. Be sure to watch out for leaks.

What Shapes Do These Pools Come In

These pools only come in two shapes, round and oval. That is the down side of these types of pools. But, if you plan to keep this pool up year round, you can always add landscaping around it to enhance it’s beauty. They do come in many different heights from 48” to 52”. The smaller pools for kids, of course, are only about 1-2ft tall.

Always make sure that you keep the chlorine balance monitored. You don’t want algae to build up on the liner of the pool. If a leak does happen, there are vinyl pool patch kits available. Covers for these pools can also be bought at pool supply stores. As long as you take care of your portable swimming pool, it will last for many years of family fun.

High Quality Doughboy Pool Liners

Doughboy Pool Liners

Doughboy pool liners are used for pool that are build above ground level. It is one of the best way to get a swimming pool at a cheaper price compare to the in ground pool. The above ground is also great for area that experience freezing temperature can make digging ground difficult. One of the important aspects of the above ground level pool is the pool liner and there are many types of pool liners.

The Design of Doughboy Pool Liners

Doughboy has always providing great services and products to the nation by providing the best swimming pool related products. It pool liners are famous for it durability and reliability. All it products are manufactured to last a life time and customers that owned Doughboy pool would never choose other brand because they know they have owned a great pool. The Doughboy pool liners can be found in multi shapes and sizes just like the pools. Doughboy also produces it pool liners various colors and patterns. All it liners come with thickness that would not easily break or damage. It liners are built for quality and safety which made Doughboy the number one pool liners producer.

Great Prices of Doughboy Pool Liners

The Doughboy pool liners call overlap pool liner is the most common pool liner that is being used for the above ground pool. The liner will be fitted over the top edges of the swimming pool. It is one of Doughboy cheaper pool liners which are why it is the most popular type in the Doughboy pool liners collections. It is easy to be maintained and repair because of a plastic strip that hold the liner makes it uncomplicated. Doughboy provided various designs for this type of pool liner.

Other good Doughboy pool liners are the expendable pool liner which is usually used for round shape pool that is built above ground level. It is used for shallow pools. Another pool liner from Doughboy is the unibead type which will fit any type of above ground pool. It has dual purpose that is; it can be installed like beaded liner or can be bung like the overlap liner. The beaded pool liner is one of the types of pool liner which is easy to install, but it also need to fit the pool exactly. It is call beaded pool liner because it really have bead and get hooked to the wall of the swimming pool. However the prices will cost more than the other types.

Doughboy Pool Liners Beat Mother Nature.

The quality of the Doughboy pool liners are guaranteed to withstand the natural forces of the outdoor. It has the strength and durability that every pool liners need. The Doughboy has used the latest technology to design and made the Doughboy pool liners. The product of Doughboy pool liners can be bought over the internet. The online stores usually offer discounted prices for the Doughboy products. There are many positive reviews on the internet that you can read and one of their appreciations is the best quality of Doughboy pool liners.