Information on Portable Swimming Pools

What Is A Portable Swimming Pool

When you buy your first pool, you might want to try a portable swimming pool first.  These come in all sizes such as the inflatable wading pools for children all the way up to larger adult size pools with steel walls. No nuts, bolts, or tools are need for installation for the smaller pools. These can be set up on any surface. Usually you can find these pools in any department store. They are also very affordable.

You can either get the inflatable type of pool, or you can get the tent style pool which uses stakes to anchor the pool to the ground. Determine which size suits your needs. The circular pools range in size from 10ft to 18ft in diameter. Oval shapes are also available. What pool size that you decide to buy depends on how large the area is where the pool will be, the number of people who will be using the pool, and your own personal preferences.

The ground should be level and cleaned before setting up the pool. Be sure to remove any sharp objects which could puncture the bottom of the pool. As an extra barrier, you could use a ground cloth. Next, unroll the vinyl liner. What model of pool that you have chosen will decide how it goes together.  You will need an air pump or air compressor to inflate the pool. Some models will have snap together parts and are shaped like a hot tub or a large bath tub. Then you attach the filter which came with the pool. If  a pump came with the pool, you will need to plug this in to an electrical source.

Now comes the fun part, filling the pool. You can use an ordinary garden hose for this. Let it fill almost to the top, then enjoy your new pool. However, you will need to test the chemical balance of the water before swimming. A simple Ph test kit can be bought at your local department store or pool dealer. Be sure to watch out for leaks.

What Shapes Do These Pools Come In

These pools only come in two shapes, round and oval. That is the down side of these types of pools. But, if you plan to keep this pool up year round, you can always add landscaping around it to enhance it’s beauty. They do come in many different heights from 48” to 52”. The smaller pools for kids, of course, are only about 1-2ft tall.

Always make sure that you keep the chlorine balance monitored. You don’t want algae to build up on the liner of the pool. If a leak does happen, there are vinyl pool patch kits available. Covers for these pools can also be bought at pool supply stores. As long as you take care of your portable swimming pool, it will last for many years of family fun.

doughboy portable pools

The Great Adventure with Doughboy Portable Pools

The material used for making doughboy portable pools are consist of galvanized steel and supported by items such as  covers, pumps, pool supply, replacement filter cartridges, automatic pool cleaners sand filters, replacement vinyl liners, and many more items. The complete set of the portable pools make your swimming experience just great and fun. The doughboy swimming pool has been with us for more than 60 years and never once fail in it duty to give the best quality product every time it produce a new portable pool.

60 Years with Doughboy Portable Pools

The doughboy portable pools are not new to Doughboy because it is the company that has created the world first portable. Ever since than the company never stop producing the best portable pools. Many other pool makers try to copy Doughboy success, but none come close to it success. The doughboy will always be the first choice when it comes to buying a pool. The Doughboy has led the pools industry for more than 60 years all because of it innovation in the pool market.

As a leader, Doughboy has place an important policy to give best quality pools at prices that can never be emulate by it competitors. The prices have always been well received by the consumers. Even the pool after sale maintenance can be considered as among the lowest in the market. Owner of doughboy portable pools will never be worried of maintenance fee because it is always been low. The quality of the product also helps the doughboy pool to last longer season after season.

Fun with Doughboy Portable Pools

The portability also help owners to easily disassemble the pools when the need come especially if you have to move across the country for your new place of resident. Life will never be the same once you own this great creation of doughboy. The doughboy portable pools will always be the place for your family to have fun and entertainment.

The portable above ground pool give help you to avoid unnecessary financial burden such as placing of safety fence around the pool that usually have to be done for in ground pool. The fences are needed for in-ground pool because of safety reason, to avoid any children from falling into the pool. This will not happen with above ground pool such as the

Where to buy Doughboy Portable Pools?

There are many ways for you to purchase the doughboy portable pools; you can order it from your friendly neighborhood pool specialist. Or you can do the easy way by surfing the internet and order one today. The best thing about shopping for doughboy pool online is the prices. There will always be special promotion for the doughboy pools. Some of the websites even offer easy payment scheme for your purchase which will take a few minute to be approved.

The Doughboy products have many and strong retailers all over the country. Therefore, if you face any problem with the pools, you can get support from any of these retailers which will always be ready to help you as the owner of doughboy portable pools.