Points in Favor of Fiberglass Pools

If you have considered having a swimming pool installed in your back yard, then you have looked at the different options out there. Above ground or inground, the choices are many. But one of the best choices out there is the fiberglass pool.  Over the years, fiberglass pools have garnered a reputation as an easily installed and much faster alternative to the more traditional gunite or concrete pool construction. These are even considered a more practical option in higher class installations. But what exactly do these pools have to offer to the owner.

This type of pool is one of the faster growing choices in the swimming pool industry. The first point in this pool’s favor is the ease of installation. A  gunite or concrete swimming pool can take up to triple the time to install. However, one month is the usual amount of construction time for the fiberglass choice.

These pools have a finishing coat of smooth gel. This gel is a natural algae repellent which concrete or gunite does not have. This makes it much faster to clean this type of pool and it also means less need for repairs.

This type of pool also has much more selections of shapes. This has played a huge role in the popularity of these pools over the other two options. This also allows the pool to show more of a reflection of the buyer’s individual personality.

Everyone wants a pool which is tasteful and has a touch of class to it. The quick installation time of these pools have given them a reputation of being cheap and shoddy in appearance, while in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. With the availability of numerous custom designs,  as well as tile, stone, and brick copings, each pool has it’s own unique look.

The Cons of This Type of Pool

Actually, there is only one major setback with this type of pool. Sometimes a crack will appear or a leak will start for some other reason. If this happens, do not lower the water level or completely drain the pool in order to repair it yourself.  There is a very high chance that the pool will rise out of the ground if all of the water is drained or if the water level is lowered too much. This is one of those cases when you actually must call a fiberglass pool repair person to come and fix the damage.  Only a trained professional should ever try to make repairs. This is also true in the case of area flooding. Once the flood waters have receded, there is still too much moisture in the ground to attempt draining the pool and fiberglass does float. Once this happens, repairs are more expensive than having an entire new pool installed.


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