The Durable & Reliable Doughboy Pools Filters

Your swimming pool can be transformed into an absolute nightmare if you fail to take serious maintenance and cleaning of the pool especially you do not have the Doughboy pools filters. Cleaning your pool may sound like a tedious job but it is an important task if you don’t want your pool turned into a garbage can. You will need to follow the maintenance schedule to ensure that the pool water cleans and safe for all users.

Doughboy Pools Filters for Clean Water

Before you decide to clean your pool you should first find out what needs to be cleaned or not. From the color and smell of water, you can tell if your filter needs to be cleaned. Running some tests, such as water hardness test and chlorine test is important. This will give you a pointer as what should be immediately taken care of and what can be addressed next.

Filtration system is a very important aspect of the swimming pool. You should check the filter at least twice a week to ensure that they are not clogged. A filtered system blockage will cause the accumulation of organic material that could eventually damage the pool water and cause skin diseases. The best option for you is to have Doughboy pools filters which are durable and reliable in it performance. There are three basic types of filters: sand filters, cartridge filters filament seams and Diatomaceous Earth (ON) filter. For Doughboy filter you do not have to worry, each type is made to be very efficient in keeping the pool clean. Each type of Doughboy filter can be backwashed, soaked in a solution filter and reuse it again.

Service the Doughboy Pools Filters

A pool vacuum can be used to keep the pool floor clean of all dirt and debris that sits at the bottom. A simple garden hose attached to the pipe can be used to keep the area clean around the pool. Ensure that wash water does not flow back to the pool. To make sure no debris or dirt trap in the Doughboy pools filters you must check it and clean it. A clean filter will guarantee a working filter.

Doughboy Pools Filters for Safety

The pool will be an important part in your family life; therefore, you must always make certain that the pool is safe to be used at all time. Chemical test should also be done which will let you know about the exact conditions of the various levels of chemicals in the pool. Check to see if the water hardness, pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels are all within acceptable parameters. Too much chlorine in water level can cause skin damage and irritation. Excessive water hardness and high calcium levels in water can cause scale on the pool walls. Once in a while “Super Shock” your pool to actually kill all microorganisms’ contaminants in your pool. Yes, Doughboy pools filters can help you maintain the water to be clean but there are other aspects that you must do it yourself to ensure the water safety level in the pool.

Swimming pool increases the value of the home and makes a very good source of recreation. Keeping your swimming pool is important so that it will not be a source of diseases and to help you have a clean and safe pool always relies on Doughboy pools filters.

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